The letter that started it all!
This letter from Bob Cinader in May of 1967 lays out the concept of the show based on real life happenings of Los Angeles police officers. It also explains the origin of the show's name and contains many behind-the-scenes details involved in the creation of Adam-12.

Kent with Adam-12 creator, Bob Cinader.

The Adam-12 Pilot

Adam-12 Photo Gallery

Police Memorabilia

Adam-12 Episode Guide

Adam-12 Cast

Adam-12 Guest Stars

A Thank You Note From Marty & Kent

After seven hugely successful seasons, Adam-12 ended it's run as one of the best-loved police dramas on television. To mark the occasion, Marty Milner and Kent McCord took out a full page ad in the Hollywood Reporter to thank everyone they could think of.

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