The Adam 12 Pilot was shot the last two weeks of September 1967. The first morning we were supposed to do some interior car shots and Jack Webb, who directed the Pilot, didn't like the reflections on the windshield. He had the crew take the windshield out and we attempted to get a shot. The only problem was that you could tell we had no windshield because our hair was blowing. We scrapped that attempt and went inside the liquor store to shoot that scene while the crew built a shield to place over the top of the car. A permanent "tow car" shield was built after the Pilot and was used for the 7 seasons we shot. You can see it in the pictures below. The other thing that occurred during the Pilot was a problem with sound recorder on all the interior car shots. If you listen you will hear that Marty and I are both speaking in a voice that is just a bit higher than normal.

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