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Kent and Cynthia
in 1959

Kent and Cynthia
in 1960

This is a painting of Ozzie and Harriet's beach house in Laguna Beach, California. Cynthia and I spent our honeymoon there July of 1962.

Kent and Cynthia
on boat 1965

Kent and Cynthia
in 1974

Ricky Nelson Album
(Cover Photo by Kent)

Kent and His Sister Linda

Kent at 5

Kent in 1968


Kent & Cynthia 1978

Cynthia & Megan 1972

Kristen & Megan

Kent & Cynthia

Jack Hogan & Kent

Jerry Quarry with
Marty & Kent

Kent, Marty &
Hampton Fancher

Karen Valentine
and Kent

Kent, Cynthia,
Marty & Judy
at the Emmys

Kent with the Boys Club

City Hall for SAG

On Strike 1980


Kristen with
David Cassidy

Kent & Cynthia

Kent w/Stacy & Lisa Webb

Michael McCord
CSUN 1996

Kent, Michael & Cynthia

Kent & Cynthia
Indy Pit 2001

Cafe Le Select
Paris, France - Exterior

Inside Cafe Le Select
Paris, France. August 7, 2001

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