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Christmas card from Ozzie and Harriet Congratulation note from Chester L. Migden National Executive Sec. for winning the 1st V.P. seat of SAG (1979) Fundraising reception letter from Senator Ed Davis 1984
Congratulatory Note from Dennis Weaver Personal note from Robert Young (1976) Thank you note from Bert Convy (1976)
Thank you note from Aaron Spelling and Douglas Cramer (1979) Thank you note from the director of the F.B.I., William H. Webster Thank you note from Congressmen, Phillip Burton
Western Union from Senator Edward Kennedy (1974) Jonathan Winters wishes a happy holiday and thank you letter to Kent (1972) Thank you note from Secretary of Transportation, John Volpe (1972)
Letter of introduction from Victoria Shaw to Stan Margulies (1967) Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corp. National Broadcasting Company (1975)


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